Below Zero . . . final cover!

Hi all, I hope you’re having a great week at school!

I’ve just finished working through my page proofs and have sent them back to my publisher with a few last minute corrections. I’m pleased to have finished it in time for the Frankfurt Book Fair, which starts on 11th October. I won’t be going to Frankfurt, but my publishers will be there, and they will be presenting all their new books to other publishers around the world. This is the time when foreign publishers decide which British books they will buy so they can translate them and sell them in their own countries. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that some of them decide to take BELOW ZERO . . .

Oh yes, and I’ve just received the re-designed front cover for BELOW ZERO. It’s similar to the image I showed you when I came to school, but now there are few extra details which really bring it to life! The only people to have seen this so far are the designer, my publisher, my agent, and me. And now . . . you can all see it too. I hope you like it.