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Boy X

On the banks of a sprawling Brazilian river lies São Tiago - the perfect place for a fallen priest to escape his past and care for nothing. But when Sam chooses to help a stranger who lies bleeding on a dirt floor, he sets in motion a dangerous chain of events.

Falling under the gaze of the dead man’s employer, Sam’s quiet life turns to one of manipulation and murder, and as the long dry season stretches out ahead, he must face his past if he is to find redemption in a town without a soul.

Dan’s debut novel Dry Season draws on some of the experiences he had while living in Brazil - the places, people and events in the book are inspired by his time there.

Visit these galleries to find some photographs of Santa Terezinha, some images of the plantation where he lived, and some portraits of one or two of the people he knew.
Dry Season Brazil Gallery
Photographs GV Smith © 2009
Dry Season Brazil Gallery
Photographs GV Smith © 2009
shortlisted for The Authors’ Club Best First Novel award 2011
‘. . . Dan smith has crafted a defining literary thriller . . . Dry Season is a dark tale of  lasting and uplifting grace.’

Winnipeg Free Press