'What a great day - Boys and teachers have been feeding back 100% appreciation.' Northcote Lodge, London.

'His presentation was very engaging and Dan’s open and honest style of speaking and interacting with the pupils meant that three hundred children went away brimming with enthusiasm for writing!' King’s Priory, Tynemouth.

'I have had brilliant feedback from the schools and our pupils. Our S1 said you were really good and the number of pupils saying 'Can I read the Dan Smith books?' is incredible.' Ross High School, East Lothian.

'. . . you also seemed to strike a chord with some of our more reluctant readers; one of them told me that she’d only ever read one book and she said “I don’t do books, but this looks really interesting…..I’m a big fan now…I think he’s awesome…I loved it, I actually did!"' David Young Community Academy, Leeds.

'Dan was a great guy, he went down well with the kids keeping them engaged and interested throughout.' Norham High School, Sunderland.

'Dan also told us how important reading is for all sorts of reasons and, in Dan's case, as a source of ideas for his stories.  I am delighted that he was able to inspire so many students to try his books.' Broxbourne School, Herts.

'Thanks so much for your visit. The girls loved it as you can tell from the stream of questions and the autographs.' Westfield School, Newcastle.

'Dan talked about his unusual childhood living abroad, his adventures living in a jungle, climbing volcanoes and fishing for piranhas. The students were keen to investigate where story ideas come from, and gained a unique insight into the inspiration behind his books.' Lord Lawson Academy, Beamish.

'In his Patron of Reading role, he has been into school to work with one class of Year 7 pupils on My Friend the Enemy and is planning a return later in the term. This class will also read My Brother's Secret. Dan is also working with me on a writing project with pupils from Years 6-10 and has given useful, thoughtful and sensitive feedback to one aspiring writer in particular. He has such an open and responsive manner with young people; he clearly loves being around them and tries to find common ground from which to open a conversation.

I am delighted that he is our Patron of Reading: he is a welcome presence in school for staff and pupils!' King's Priory, Tynemouth.

' . . . he told us about living in Indonesia and the Brazilian rainforest. He actually made me think about what itwould be like to live in those places. He is extremely adventurous, has a great imagiation, and I admire him. Boy X sounds really good and I, now, can't wait to read it. I hope Dan visits again soon.' Nicole, Heworth Grange.

'The boys were enthralled by Dan’s tales of sitting in the crater of an active volcano, fishing for piranhas, contending with the most poisonous spider in the world in one of his childhood homes, and encountering snakes, scorpions, ants, armadillos and jaguars.' Merchant Taylor's School.

'Everyone had a great day. I've had nothing but positive comments from children, staff and parents all day. Some of the Y6 children brought in stories they'd written at home last night - so there's instant impact!' Horton Grange, Blyth.